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cost of e-waste shredder for metal separation

Shred-Tech® – E-Waste Shredding & Recycling

ST-500H primary and secondary e-waste shredders for printers, plotters, copiers, PCs, mainframes, switchgear etc. as part of a recycling system for recovery of ferrous, aluminum and mixed non-ferrous metals. The system features, tertiary reduction, manual sorting, screen separation, magnetic separation and eddy current separation.

eWaste | Komar Industries | Electronic Waste Disposal

The Komar low cost industrial hard drive shredder can handle up to 600 hard drives per hour providing complete physical destruction while delivering total security. The physical process of shredding hard drives through the Tiger ES1220 delivers a desirable material size in preparation for recycling.

Electronic Waste Shredding| Fornnax Technology

We provide low-speed and high torque e-waste shredders with Single-shaft and Dual-shaft, over-band magnetic separator, metal detector and separation systems especially suitable for the recycling of e-waste. The separation and recovery are critical elements of e-waste shredding process.

E-scrap shredders for processing electronic waste

Old devices are processed in various shredding and separation phases to ultimately generate marketable fractions. Regardless of whether an old PC or a broken household device is to be recycled – our e-waste shredders ensure reliable, and, first and foremost, economically efficient shredding.

The Use of Shredders in Recycling -

There are shredders designed to support material reduction across a range of recycling applications, including plastic recycling, e-waste recycling, scrap metal, tire recycling, and wood recycling.The shredding process produces raw material to be re-introduced into manufacturing, as well as finished products such as landscape mulch.

Recycling eWaste - Zerma

In the case of cable recycling, the complete cables are first shred to a size of about 30 cm in a ZSS or ZXS shredder and then ground down to their final size of 3mm in a GSH heavy duty granulator. This size allows for the best separation of metal and plastic on our separation tables.


 · METAL SHREDDER RESIDUE TREATABILITY STUDY WORK PLAN Prepared for Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, California Chapter Prepared by Terraphase Engineering Inc. 1404 Franklin Street, Suite 600 Oakland, California July 10, 2014 Project Number 0102.001.001

SRES – Sud Recyling Equipment Solutions » E-Waste

a. TWO SHAFT SHREDDERS. Dual-shear granulators line for scrap metals, e-scrap and e-waste shredding. Dual-shear granulator line of 2 shaft shredders – electric or hydraulic drive – has been designed for shredding many types of materials (as scrap metals, e-scrap and e-waste) and mainly for the first volumetric reduction. b.


 · METAL SHREDDER RESIDUE TREATABILITY STUDY WORK PLAN Prepared for Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, California Chapter Prepared by Terraphase Engineering Inc. 1404 Franklin Street, Suite 600 Oakland, California July 10, 2014 Project Number 0102.001.001

Waste PCB Recycling Production Line

The separation purity of the whole PCB recycling production line is up to 98%, metal and resin are separated by air separator and static electricity separator, this not only improves the recovery quality of copper, but also prevents secondary pollution.

How to set-up an e-waste recycling plant - Quora

You must contact a waste management recycling company for set-up an e-waste recycling plant. Adelaide Eco Bins is one of the best e-waste recycling service provider. They are very friendly and supportive in nature and also pocket-friendly. So get in touch with it and enjoy eco-friendly environment.

Electronic Scrap Processing - SSI Shredders

Electronic Scrap Processing SSI manufactures shredders and automated systems to efficiently process all varieties of electronic scrap for recycling, reclamation and recovery. We have a …

About Engineered Recycling Systems - Engineered Recycling ...

Our metal recovery and refining systems for scrap metal processors and manufacturing facilities process a variety of material such as; nonferrous wire, shredder wire, ASR, fluff, e-waste and more. Our equipment portfolio is unlimited and our knowledge unmatched.

E-waste Precious Metal Separation & Refining Solution

The recycling rate of precious metal (gold, silver, palladium and platinum) can reach up to 97% – 99%. The purity of precious metal is up to 99.99%. The operation process of E-waste precious metal recycling production line is with high degree of automation, saving human cost to a large extent.

E-Waste Shredding and Separation Tips: Screening for Value

E-Waste Shredding and Separation Tips: Screening for Value Nearly any organization shredding and separating E-scrap will have a screening step in their process for removal of certain size fractions. Often not the star of the show, the screener plays a key role in efficient recovery.

Shredding System - Universal Recycling Technologies

The primary shredder is a hydraulic shred system designed to reduce the size of metals and circuit board materials for further separation and recovery. After shredding, the processed material moves through a series of magnets to recover ferrous metals.

E-waste Management and Recycling - Gujarat

Project Profile/ E-waste Management and Recycling E-waste Management and Recycling Block No.1, 9th Floor, Udyog Bhavan, ... E-waste comprises of more than 5 % of all solid waste generated and the volume is ... Segregation of ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal and plastic: This separation is normally done in a shredder process. 3.

e-Waste Recycling Equipment | CP Manufacturing

e-Waste recycling is a challenge due to its inhomogeneous nature. There are a variety of particle size distribution, shapes and materials with an increased pressure for recovery. The CP Group has risen to the occasion, leading the industry with innovative technology and features to overcome challenges faced.

Electronic Scrap E Waste Shredders - Artech Reduction

Electronic Scrap E Waste Shredders. ARTECH low speed, high torque shredders can deliver high volume, primary reduction of electronic scrap. ARTECH engineers can also custom design a complete system with primary and secondary reduction including ferrous and non ferrous metal separation from plastics and glass.

Waste electronics recycling machine -

Dedicated four shaft shredder and dedicated second-level electronic wastes crusher are adopted, magnetic separation equipment is utilized to conduct material separation treatment of iron content ferrous metal; eddy current separation equipment is utilized to implement separation treatment for non-ferrous metal and nonmetal, harmless treatment ...

Introduction to Electronics (E-waste) Recycling

E-waste or e-scrap is the trash we generate from end-of-life electronic devices. E-waste recycling is the process of recovering material from them. ... Shredding, Sorting, and Separation: ... The final step in the separation process locates and extracts any remaining metal remnants from the plastics to further purify the stream. ...